About GTS

Welcome to Grape to Shelf Consulting.

The business was set up in 2006 and started as an independent consultancy providing specialist technical support and expertise to the wine industry from producer to retailer. Since then the business has evolved and we now work with other drinks including cider and spirits.

We work with producers, packaging sites, brand owners, agents and retailers helping to improve quality standards, ensure due diligence, and meet retailer supply standard. Particular areas of expertise include:

- site audits

- due diligence (including HACCP and risk assessment and management throughout the supply chain)

- packaging formats (looking at quality, safety and environmental considerations)

- dissolved oxygen control and total pack oxygen

- product quality: trouble shooting, complaint handling and root cause analysis.

As a small company we can adapt to ensure we fit in with your business and requirements. Support can be in the form of a one off consultation, more in depth involvement, within the scope of a project, or as an ongoing service.

If you help with any technical issues for your wine site or business, please get in touch.

Contact us at info@grapetoshelf.co.uk

Jenny Bond

Jennifer was brought up in Kent surrounded by orchards and vineyards. Working at Biddenden Vineyards as a student was her first experience of the wine industry. After completing a degree in Agriculture and the Environment and oversees vintages she went to New Zealand to study Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University.

Several more vintages across the globe followed in both New and Old World countries before working with the winemaking consultancy (Cellarworld International (CWI)) as Winemaker and then Technical Director. Working across the globe continued with CWI as they had projects in many places including Chile, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Moldova and Cyprus.

Relocating to the West country after getting married resulted in a change in job to work as Technical Manager for Beers, Wines and Spirits at Somerfield.

In 2006 Grape to Shelf Consulting was set up.

When not working or drinking wine (testing the product:-), Jennifer is a keen gardener, and mum to two active boys.

Jennifer is an BRCGS third party trained auditor, trained in HACCP and a member of the WSTA Technical Committee

Email: jennifer@grapetoshelf.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0)7809 432107